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Agri Finance

Arete Finance specialises in agri-finance and can advise on a variety of agricultural facilities to assist farmers, graziers and food processors. Commercial bills or term loans to purchase property, overdrafts to assist with working capital or to plant crops or to purchase stock, stock or seasonal loans to assist with purchasing stock or planting crops, trade loans and invoice finance to fund the purchase and production of goods and fund the working capital cycle.

Debtor Finance

Another form of working capital finance pegged to the sales or debtors of your business. Funding of up to 85% of the value of invoices raised can be provided within 24-48 hours of presentation usually for a maximum period of 90 days. Invoice finance can be a good fit for many businesses as it doesn’t require property security to be taken, can accelerate sales and the facility will grow with the growth/ sales of a business. Invoice finance is now widely used and one of the fastest growing forms of finance available. Businesses of many sizes use invoice finance from start-ups through to businesses turning over hundreds of millions of dollars. Arete Finance has assisted many businesses raise invoice finance.

Property Development and  Investment Finance

Property development and investment finance is critical to get right. Lenders can have strict criteria for developers to meet at the start, throughout and at the end of a development. Many problems can arise throughout a development if the loan process and lender is not managed correctly. This can lead to delays or completely halt a development costing developers a significant amount of money. Arete Finance uses its existing lending networks and experience with managing property development finance to guide developers and ensure a smooth financing process through to development completion.

Acquisition Finance

Financing the acquisition of a business can be difficult, most banks will seek property security which may not be readily available or would be better utilised elsewhere. Arete Finance has a proven track record in raising cashflow or balance sheet finance to assist business acquisitions.

Trade Finance

A form of working capital finance traditionally used by importers and exporters though available for domestic trade as well. Importers use import loans (and other facilities) to fund the purchase and manufacturing of goods for sale domestically, the import loan finances the gap between payment to suppliers and receiving payment from buyers. Exporters use export loans (and other facilities) to fund the purchase of parts, components, goods, as well as costs of manufacturing and delivery to their buyer. The export loan finances the gap between the cost outflow of producing saleable goods and receiving payment from offshore buyers. Arete Finance has many year’s experience assisting businesses raise trade finance.

Equipment Finance

Looking to invest in new or used equipment to grow your business or replace older equipment? Arete Finance can arrange 100% funding for your equipment to a maximum term of 5 years with a set residual or balloon to reduce monthly repayments and improve cashflow. Arete Finance has access to more than 15 lenders to ensure you get the best deal and will manage the loan process through to settlement. Finance can be arranged for:


Motor vehicles
Trucks and trailers
Tractors, harvesters, pickers and other farm equipment
Dozers, excavators and other yellow goods
Printing equipment,
Commercial property fit-outs,
Specialised and other equipment


Cash Flow Finance 

Cash flow finance is often used by companies who wish to use their projected cash flows and balance sheet to secure financing. Banks have different lending criteria for cash flow lends compared to loans that are secured by traditional assets. This style of loan provides flexibility for companies that have solid financial performance and need to go beyond the usual property secured lends to grow their business. .


Short Term Second Mortgage

Second mortgage loans are a great option when clients require funds quickly. Loans can usually be arranged within a week and are a convenient solution compared to completely refinancing.


Short-Term second mortgage loans can be used for a wide range of purposes including cash flow, funding tax debt, urgent business purchases or property acquisitions. This type of funding is crucial to many businesses that need urgent smaller amounts of cash.


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