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Contact us about the type of loan  or the banking advice you need.


We'll do a quick assessment of your situation and what you need.


We'll do some groundwork and come back with options to move forward. 

An independent banking expert working for you, 
saving you the time and hassle of raising Finance.

With Arete Finance on your team, you’ll have the best chance of achieving the most beneficial finance deal for your situation.

With an experienced banker working on your behalf you can be confident that your proposal is more likely to meet essential criteria the first time, saving you time and money.


Arete Finance conducts an internal assessment of every deal and constructs an application that gives each finance application the best chance of an approval.


The Arete Advantage:


First Time Results. Expert knowledge to save you time applying. Understanding what needs to be included in a loan application and about how it should be structured.


Insider Knowledge. Knowing exactly what the banks are looking for and how they conduct their assessment will influence how you prepare your finance application. This gives you the advantage and puts you in a more influential position.

Best Structure. Structuring your deals well can offer significant benefits. Banks structure deals to minimise their risk. They take as much security as possible and cross collateralise all security even if they don’t need it. With the right structure, your exposure can be minimised.

Motivated Competition. Arete Finance deals with an unlimited range of lenders and encourages competition for your deal. You’ll be presented a range of options that are the most competitive in the market.

Wide Selection. Arete Finance works with a broad range of lenders across Australia and has knowledge of which institutions best match your investment profile. When you are presented with options it's likely to include lenders you’ve never considered with terms better than you expected.

The Right Information at the Right Time. Arete Finance knows exactly what information the banks need. Our written proposal provides lenders with the necessary information required to make a timely decision and give you the best chance of an approval.

Pre-emptive Solutions. As part of an internal assessment before submitting a full finance application to lenders, Arete Finance can pre-empt issues early and offer solutions to minimise these to banks.







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