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As Director and founder, I started this business to help Agri and Commercial businesses get a better deal from banks. Arete Finance was born out of the need for businesses to have an independent banking expert working for them to ensure banks or lenders structure loan transactions that benefit you, not the bank. 


At the same time, I work to protect your assets and incorporate the goals you have for the future.







Whether you’re having trouble raising finance, want to protect your business and assets from the banks or simply want a strategic loan to security structure put in place that minimises your risk contact us.


Daniel Dumble

At Arete, it’s simple, we work to get you strategic debt structures that help protect assets, minimise your risk, help grow business wealth and deliver better loan terms and interest rates.


Following 15 years in agricultural, commercial and corporate banking with HSBC, NAB, Suncorp and ANZ, Daniel established Arete Finance in July 2011 with a belief that clients receive a much better level of service, and better results, from a banking expert working directly for them, than a bank employee that is paid (and trained) to put the bank’s interests first. Indeed, all banks are plagued with too many clients within individual portfolios and Relationship Managers moving roles every two to three years (sometimes more often), requiring business owners and CFO’s to retrain a new manager on their business.


Daniel and his team are driven to deliver results. Since inception, Arete Finance has assisted with raising and refinancing over $100 million worth of debt while saving clients millions of dollars, improving debt structures, negotiating better pricing, protecting assets and minimising client risk.


Arete Finance brings a unique ‘banker’s perspective’ to the table, provides insights into the way banks view transactions and information that your relationship manager won’t divulge and your accountant may not have the necessary inside experience with. This ensures that your professionally presented finance application is given the very best chance of an approval, indeed we won’t submit an application unless it passes our internal assessment first and we believe it has a very good chance of an approval.



Raising finance: including a fully written banking proposal that talks in language banks understand.


Arranging quotes from a range of diverse lenders and negotiating the best deal on our client’s behalf. 


Developing optimal working capital solutions to improve cash flow and assist grow a business.


Asset protection strategies that minimise your risk and protect you and your assets.


Optimal loan-to-security structuring to minimise client risk.


Preparation of full bank and finance tenders ensuring you get the best deal.


Ongoing debt and bank advisory services to maintain internal control and keep lenders honest.


Joint bank management with your relationship manager to ensure you get the best service.


Managing bank and finance reviews to ensure your debt facilities are extended each year.


Monitoring bank covenants ensuring that your debt facilities are continued and pricing remains favourable.

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