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Why do you need an independent commercial broker on your side?

More often than not my clients say to me “Why didn’t we work together sooner?”

It’s a good question and when clients are working with one finance professional, they often expect them to answer all their finance requirements.

However, if you were building a house it would be rare that you’d ask your plumber to do the plastering and it’s the same in finance. If you ask a tax specialist banking advice, for example, they may not know the ins and outs of what they need to do to get the best deal for their clients.

The “best deal,” is also not always just about interest rates. Many of my clients are seeking to protect their assets and have their loans structured to minimise exposure. Time frames and loan to value ratios are also vital when negotiating.

Additionally, banks and lenders change their lending rules often. One month they may be keen to be exposed to one industry or financing type and relax the rules around those to attract investment. The next month things may change and so does their lending criteria.

As a commercial finance broker with hands-on banking experience it’s my job to be an expert on lending criteria and how to present client cases in the optimal way to get the desired outcome. And because I work for my clients I’m not going to disclose information banks don’t need to know and I package up the information so lenders have everything they need to give you a “yes” decision.

In a typical day, I’m in contact with multiple banks across Australia. A mining client recently came to me with expansion plans. He had approached several banks in southeast Queensland but none had been able to provide the help he was seeking. With relationships with a range of banks I was able to organise lending through a non-mainstream lender outside of Queensland that was happy to invest in his type of project. This made my input very valuable as my client received the full amount of funding he was seeking quickly.

When I’m on your team working to secure you finance I’ll provide you with the same breadth of coverage, work to protect your exposure and your assets and aim to organise finance as quickly as possible, so that you can get on with business.

So why do you need a commercial banker? It’s easy – I save you time, money and ensure you structure your loans to meet the future needs of your business.

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